Saturday, June 21, 2008

Observation 6/21/08

hows this for awesome, tonight i saw a 10 point buck standing on an embankment covered in lilys, in the midst of a freshly rising fog, lit from behind by the back glow of the full moon and a huge venus. but it was 3 in the morning so all i could think was, "laura no hit moomoo, fog bad- no see, moon bright- make glare on windshield, laura no hit moomoo..."

Happy Birthday Susan!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Obsevations 6/15/08

Only in New Richmond would you see a man strapped to a go-cart, strapped to a gas powered fan, hanging from a parachute. Happy Father's Day.

See, told ya so.

My awesome hometown, for those who haven't had the pleasure of visiting.

Yes, it is that small

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Observations 6/11/08

Best day ever. Started new job at library, I'm important! Played with paper dinosaurs, went kayaking, had rootbeer float! Downside: library love intrest is probably married. boo.

More Observations 6/10/08

Am absolutely obsessed with light. Specifically angled light. Went on photo safari in back yard to capture said light only to realize that my camera is small, insignificant and relatively worthless in the light I love. A few results for your viewing pleasure:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Observation 6/10/08

Have you ever noticed how sometimes through some trick of the light you forget where you are and think your somewhere else, in the past? Or is that just me?

I was driving home from work today and something about the way the sun was hitting the trees and vines in my little jungle, juxtaposed agains a kinda cloudy sky and I was like.. BAM! It looked like the rainy season in Africa. It really threw me off for a moment.
(Could be Ohio, despite the fact that its Africa)
The same thing happened on the way to work a few weeks ago. It was a calm cloudy kinda morning and for some reason, I felt like I should be catching the tram to our classes in Leipzig.
Lunch outside in Leipzig

Rockin us, rockin Germany.

Weird, I know.

PS Have I mentioned how exciting it is that Leipzing and its University were mentioned in the new Indiana Jones movie? I know some of you know, but I was so excited that people in the theater were giving me weird looks. Namely the ones I went with, but thats ok.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

observations 6/8/08- RIP Christopher Walken

I was informed today that Christopher Walken, my mystery snail died. I try to think that he had a happy life in his fish tank, but can't help but wonder if my ex didn't actually kill him by puking in it or something along those lines. i can just tell this is an alchohol related death. i should have taken him home with me... im a bad snail mommy.

Which is funny because today i was going to tell you about my new pets. I rescued a cicada from the pool. I named her Cecily. she/he was SCREAMING. very freaky. later i found a baby preying mantis, i felt bad keeping it so i put it in my garden to eat the bugs when it gets big and strong. im thinking ill call him... Man Eater.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Observation 6/6/08

Indications you live in a rainforest:

It's 86 degrees at 11pm
Humidity remains consistently at 1000%
There are treefrogs crawling up your windows
The trees are creating their own mini-atmospheres, complete with weather
Everything you own is covered in mold, including you house, car, and dog
The wildlife is so loud you can't sleep at night.
There is a tarantula the size of a small rat somewhere in your yard

All of these things are true for my home.... in OHIO.

Observations 6/5/08

Look, there are OTHER people waiting to get in this time!

It looks bad, but tastes soooo good!

I’ve decided that minor league hockey is the epitome of male. More so the finals. I saw that winning ECHL game last night, the Cincinnati Cyclones v. the Los Vegas Wranglers, and it rocked. Why is it so male you ask? Never have a seen a bunch of sweatier, burlier, hairier human beings. And what is more male than competition… Or carrying a big stick while trying to knock other people down? If they didn’t all speak in sexy French accents, I would assume that there were a bunch of cavemen out there on the ice (although now that I think about it, France is known for its cave dwellers, and I’m sure their beards couldn’t be anymore impressive than a hockey team that hasn’t shaved in 3 months.)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Observations 6/1/08

Does anyone else remember K-Ci and JoJo, kings of the middle school dance? The resurgence of their song All My Life on the radio is serving to remind me that I am in fact only 13. Other common indicators I have noticed; enjoying Jesse McCartney music, extreme excitement over blue hoop earrings, hanging out in malls, gossiping about boys, and of course, hanging out with other 12 year olds.

Normally I would be worried, but with the advent of my new self, Laura the Children's Librarian (yes I use the title librarian a little liberally, what with my lack of degree and all) I feel like 13 is a pretty good thing to be.

Observations 6/4/08

Deluge: To overrun with water; inundate. It’s not often I get to use that word in an appropriate everyday conversation. Today was a occasion.
PS I heart thunder!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Observation 6/3/08

Tracking the overlap in Fox's use of actors on their shows. So far I have managed to tie together Bones, House, Buffy/Angel, Firefly, Nip/Tuck (Fx, which is part of Fox) and Heros/Chuck (which are NBC, but still). Excellent recreational activity for the bed ridden. Much better than trying to do Pilates.

Observations 5/24/808

Having built somewhat of an image for myself of a eccentric and exotic traveler (an image only mind you), I am beyond upset that my carefully constructed fa├žade can now be purchased at the Eastgate mall by anyone with 10$. I’ll explain. I most favorite pair of earrings were handmade in Brazil by some creepy little old lady with squinty eyes. And I’ve always figured that it was a matter of time before they were recognized as AWESOME by someone stateside. It still didn’t prepare me to see them at the Charlotte Russe in the mall. By my calculations it took approximately 3.75 years for fashion to steal my thunder. I’m crushed, and even more, I’m down one pair of earrings.Crying is the order of the day.


Observations 5/15/2008

Apparently LiveJournal saves drafts of unposted entries. Which is very cool, but there is a survey saved on here that not only do I have no memory of filling out, but that contains answers very contrary to my nature. As if I would ever say that I dislike bacon OR sausage... honestly! Or that I like skirts? Or someone named Lisa (do I even know a Lisa?).... I can only conclude that I have some sort of alternate personality who parties hard while I'm unconscious... by filling out surveys...

The humidity was so intense today that I grew horns. Or rather my hair curled in such an unbecoming way as to make it appear that my head was morphing. And all day long people stared. It didn't help that the more the stared, the redder I got and the more I started to stutter. I decided sometime ago that I would have a crush on one of the young guys at work, just to have a hobby and something to talk about with friend (side observation, I have friends who are girls again, yay!). But after the hair fiasco and the mumbling awkwardly at him because of it today, I have decided to redirect my attentions. Where to has yet to be determined.

Jesus, there is more survey here! I KNOW I would never say I dislike Buffy, honestly... and Mario over Zelda? I'm not sure I could make that choice. Hmmmm I do think that baby tigers are cute.. maybe it is me.... Married? Nope not me... So has someone hacked my livejournal? Is that even something a real person would apply their time and efforts to doing

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