Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Observations 5/24/808

Having built somewhat of an image for myself of a eccentric and exotic traveler (an image only mind you), I am beyond upset that my carefully constructed fa├žade can now be purchased at the Eastgate mall by anyone with 10$. I’ll explain. I most favorite pair of earrings were handmade in Brazil by some creepy little old lady with squinty eyes. And I’ve always figured that it was a matter of time before they were recognized as AWESOME by someone stateside. It still didn’t prepare me to see them at the Charlotte Russe in the mall. By my calculations it took approximately 3.75 years for fashion to steal my thunder. I’m crushed, and even more, I’m down one pair of earrings.Crying is the order of the day.


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Nicole said...

That still has to be my all time favorite picture of you. Of you and Steven, definitely.