Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Observations 5/15/2008

Apparently LiveJournal saves drafts of unposted entries. Which is very cool, but there is a survey saved on here that not only do I have no memory of filling out, but that contains answers very contrary to my nature. As if I would ever say that I dislike bacon OR sausage... honestly! Or that I like skirts? Or someone named Lisa (do I even know a Lisa?).... I can only conclude that I have some sort of alternate personality who parties hard while I'm unconscious... by filling out surveys...

The humidity was so intense today that I grew horns. Or rather my hair curled in such an unbecoming way as to make it appear that my head was morphing. And all day long people stared. It didn't help that the more the stared, the redder I got and the more I started to stutter. I decided sometime ago that I would have a crush on one of the young guys at work, just to have a hobby and something to talk about with friend (side observation, I have friends who are girls again, yay!). But after the hair fiasco and the mumbling awkwardly at him because of it today, I have decided to redirect my attentions. Where to has yet to be determined.

Jesus, there is more survey here! I KNOW I would never say I dislike Buffy, honestly... and Mario over Zelda? I'm not sure I could make that choice. Hmmmm I do think that baby tigers are cute.. maybe it is me.... Married? Nope not me... So has someone hacked my livejournal? Is that even something a real person would apply their time and efforts to doing

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