Friday, June 6, 2008

Observations 6/5/08

Look, there are OTHER people waiting to get in this time!

It looks bad, but tastes soooo good!

I’ve decided that minor league hockey is the epitome of male. More so the finals. I saw that winning ECHL game last night, the Cincinnati Cyclones v. the Los Vegas Wranglers, and it rocked. Why is it so male you ask? Never have a seen a bunch of sweatier, burlier, hairier human beings. And what is more male than competition… Or carrying a big stick while trying to knock other people down? If they didn’t all speak in sexy French accents, I would assume that there were a bunch of cavemen out there on the ice (although now that I think about it, France is known for its cave dwellers, and I’m sure their beards couldn’t be anymore impressive than a hockey team that hasn’t shaved in 3 months.)

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