Sunday, June 8, 2008

observations 6/8/08- RIP Christopher Walken

I was informed today that Christopher Walken, my mystery snail died. I try to think that he had a happy life in his fish tank, but can't help but wonder if my ex didn't actually kill him by puking in it or something along those lines. i can just tell this is an alchohol related death. i should have taken him home with me... im a bad snail mommy.

Which is funny because today i was going to tell you about my new pets. I rescued a cicada from the pool. I named her Cecily. she/he was SCREAMING. very freaky. later i found a baby preying mantis, i felt bad keeping it so i put it in my garden to eat the bugs when it gets big and strong. im thinking ill call him... Man Eater.

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Deno said...

I'm sorry to hear your snail died.

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