Sunday, July 13, 2008


In celebration of the weekend, and the balmy 93 degree weather, today was all about kayaking. East Fork, our local manmade wonderland is so close to home it's a shame not to use it. I only managed to die once, which is pretty good considering. We explored a cove full of partially suberged tree stumps, may of which were below water level. I managed to glide directly onto one of the submerged ones, and attain a perfect balance (i.e. I couldn't tilt, rock, shake or paddle myself off). Normally I have only a healthy fear of fresh water, but the thought of getting dumped or willingly bailing out to remove myself was out of the question. The amount of bubbles coming out out of this water from various submerged reptilian life was appaling. I AM TOO YOUNG TO DIE AT THE BEAK OF A DINOSAUR!

Unfortunatly the combination of my shit camera and the 90% humidity left almost all of our pictures gray and gross. Sorry.

A large part of today's activites involved chasing 3 or 4 Great Blue Heron's around the lake. Trying to sneak up on one while floating in an erratically drifting bright orange kayak was next to impossible.

(After awhile of putting my camera back and forth on the floor, I started putting it in my bathing suit top, thus this is a boob-eye view of the lake.)

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