Sunday, August 24, 2008


No more pictures on the blog. I’ve sent my camera to Africa, or at this point to the dinning room where packing supposedly happens. But today we celebrate Negra Modelo (not negro models as my mom calls it)
While it is not the best dark beer ever, it is, in fact, the best cooking beer I have come across. Those wily Mexicans managed to bottle up all the flavor one would ever want to add to soups, stews and ESPECIALLY chili (see my award winning three bean beer chili for example!). This can be the only explanation for why it consistently outsells Warsteiner’s dunkel to be the number one imported dark beer. Has to be.
Regardless, today is a celebration of what I can only hope is the coming fall. If I ignore the 90 degree weather and make fall foods, clearly the seasons will follow my lead.

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