Sunday, September 28, 2008


Today I went to my high school homecoming game. It was, surprisingly, pleasant. I think now that I'm not part of the teen aged circus that runs wild at football games it was much more relaxing. I saw lots of parents and teachers that it was good to talk to, and I got to enjoy watching the younger friends of mine enjoying the craziness for the first time. I got a marching taco, and I should have noticed that the fact that I ordered it with all the veggie accompaniments (lettuce, onion, peppers and tomatoes) was the first indication that I was there as a grownup. Even if it didn't sink in then, it came to me as quite a shock later.

I have now reached the age where I judge young people based on how they wear their baseball hats. That new(er) look of the big hats with the incredibly flat brims, set to a slight angle.... Argh, I hate it! Don't they understand that they look ridiculous?!

It was great to see the band, even if they youth of those playing was astounding. They were so small. I meant the size of the band, not the players, but they were tiny too. There couldn't have been more than 35 of them. I guess I did join band at its height, when a full 1/4 of the school was involved, but man! They played great though, really getting a lot of sound from not a lot of instruments. They had something like 8 trumpets, but not a single baritone sax. I was sad.
Behold, this is what I mean when I say my camera can't take picture from farther away than 3 inches.
I'm not sure the NR football team won more than twice the whole time I was in high school

Ok, ok, so I'm a crazy cat lady on top of being an old lady

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