Saturday, September 27, 2008


Today is a three for one special, so we're going to celebrate:

The Ugly Trucking
The Three Little Rigs
Hansel and Diesel

by David Gordon
You should note that I'm awfully busy making cupcakes so I stole the reviews straight off of, but they stole them straight from the books, so I figure its only plagiarism in a secondhand kind of way!

As hard as she tries, the ugly truckling cannot keep up with her brothers and sisters. She can't pull logs, she can't carry hay, and her three small wheels are no match for their four big, strong ones. She'll never be a good truck. So the ugly truckling runs away from home in search of her own identity — and finds out that she may not be such an ugly truckling after all.
David Gordon's fresh twist on a familiar tale is as endearing as it is poignant

"Little rig, little rig, let me come in!"
"Not by the chrome on my chinny chin chin."
"Then I'll crash and I'll bash and I'll smash your house in."

When the three little rigs set out to build their own garages, each one thinks that his is going to be the strongest. But then the big bad wrecking ball comes to call and threatens to smash their new homes to smithereens. The brothers learn that it's only by bravery and teamwork that they can win the day.

"Guzzle, guzzle, drip and drool, who is drinking all my fuel?"

When Hansel and Diesel set out to search for fuel in their junkyard, they leave a path of nuts and bolts behind to show their way home. But when snow falls and they get lost, brother and sister truck have to fight the Wicked Winch all by themselves -- until their parents find the trail in the melting snow. David Gordon's twist on the traditional Brothers Grimm tale shows the importance of family and caring for those you love.

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