Sunday, October 5, 2008


Ben got a new kitty. Or rather my family conspired to get him a new kitty. Remember, last year he got a kitty, which he was allergic to, and I got Bella when he couldn't keep her. So, I can only hope that I might get this bundle of awesome someday too.

I named her Kittypaws Thunderclaws! I suggested Roxie, which Ben liked, so I will call her Roxie Thunderclaws!

She wasn't very happy when she got here
I don't know how we keep scoring blue eyes animals..

My mom is torturing her just so you can see her polka dot tummy.

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Eclecticbookwrm said...

God she is adorable. Kittypaws Thunderclaws is an excellent name, easily shortened to TC. I love it.