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We took a trip to Mother's to finish up Beth's tattoo. I was hoping to get my foot fixed, although my mother informed me that she thought it was supposed to look all crusty like that, that maybe it was "a tribal thing," but apparently Crow had to be there to do it. Chu wasn't allowed. No I didn't make up their names. They might have however. So I took some pictures to play with my camera since I hadn't had a chance to yet, not remember that I have no way to edit them what so ever, not even to crop... So use your imagination yes?

Oh the blood, the horror! Seriously though check out that swelling...

It came out super nice, and now I want a giant color tattoo... I need more color in my life.


This is Beth's Pain-free-meditation face

My poor foot didn't get fixed, it's crusty.

This needs to be cropped down, so just use your imagination.

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Due to some freak computer issues there will be no pictures for awhile, just like there have been no pictures for awhile.

I could treat you to an entire series entitled "Roxie Inside of Things" but here's the first picture from Thanksgiving instead.