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Behold the Lizzie Cat

The Lizzie Cat:
Born spring -1994
Moved to barn -1995
Missing since -1998ish
Mysteriously Returned -2007
First seen in daylight, thus proving that she might not be a zombie- 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Instead of snow we got weird pellets.

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i miss the green (well the kinda green)


Today at work I learned:

Most armadillos in Louisiana are lepers.

In Portuguese, the Birdman of Alcatraz literally means the “birdman of the large seabird.”

There are 12,000 named ant species: a colony of the smallest could live inside the braincase of the largest.

If the male nine-banded armadillo was human, its penis would be four feet long.

Badgers replace their bedding more regularly than most humans.

Bat guano is nutritious: a quarter pound of it contains more protein and minerals than a Big Mac.

Polar bear’s love toothpaste, more so than fish. Plus a pound of its liver has enough vitamin A to kill you.

A full grown beaver is the size of an 8-year-old.

When bee’s mate, the queen will fly, followed by up to 15 drones, all of whom die because their penises explode (with an audible pop) leaving the end inside like a plug.

I learned way too much about beetles to write here.

But all of these facts can be found in:
The Book of Animal Ignorance:
everything you think you know is wrong.
By John Lloyd and John Mitchinson.

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To make up for the pictures of Neil, here is a picture from Halloween of 08. I'll feed you one a day till I run out, or it gets pretty enough out for some new ones.

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Observe the subtle way in which at first glance you think you are looking at a picture of Beth being awesome, only to be wowed from behind with the austere ruggedness of Neil's chin.
The purple should have been a small hint as to what was coming... Honestly, isn't that the point of a signature color?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dear Neil

Dear Neil,

Here is a better picture of your head. I assume you like it since I stole it from your blog... which is good, but not really as good as mine. Sorry.


Dear Neil,

Please read my blog whenever you feel the urge. As incentive, here is a large picture of your face. I hope this encourages you to come again.



P.S. I hope you like purple, it is now your signature color.

P.P.S. You have a very rugged chin.

P.P.S.S. Don't worry, I'll take it away as soon as you admit I have an awesome blog.


So, today I was complaining that I never have time to take pictures. And then I realized that I was sitting here in my pajamas and didn't have to be at work till 2. So I took my pajamas outside to look at the snow. I only lasted about 15 minutes, but it was worth it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

12/25/08 Christmas

Well, I'm not allowed to put pictures of people on my blog anymore... because they are asses. But here are the ones I snuck in. Mostly pictures of me. I know, BORING.
I'm pretty hardcore in fact.

As part of our non-commercial Christmas I got 3 years worth of Outdoor Photographer.

I'm not supposed to use pictures of my mom, but she's so darn cute in her Sari Bari blanket.

I made her draft stoppers. They weigh about 3 times more than the cat.

Did I mention I'm pretty hard core? Thomas' new nerf shoots 3 darts a second.

Roxie had a pretty long day playing with everything. I think she has ADHD.

I got travel scrabble! No one but Joan would play with me tho :(

I think Christmas was too exciting for Thomas.

That tree is so dead its going to go up in flames at any minute.

Oh, and Albert got his own doggie life jacket so we don't accidentally drown him with the kayak.


We went bowling! It was awesome.
(Happy Now?)
First we played darts. Beth looks hardcore, but I won.

Then someone decided that we should get 4 pitchers at the same time.

And the more we drank the worse the pictures got.

And the uglier some of us got.

'Cept the few of us who got prettier.

And the more we texted (because we can text now!)

And we sang, and we danced. To the Theme from Rocky infact.
And the more we danced the more likely we were to hurt people.

Or you know, to bite Susan.