Sunday, January 4, 2009

12/25/08 Christmas

Well, I'm not allowed to put pictures of people on my blog anymore... because they are asses. But here are the ones I snuck in. Mostly pictures of me. I know, BORING.
I'm pretty hardcore in fact.

As part of our non-commercial Christmas I got 3 years worth of Outdoor Photographer.

I'm not supposed to use pictures of my mom, but she's so darn cute in her Sari Bari blanket.

I made her draft stoppers. They weigh about 3 times more than the cat.

Did I mention I'm pretty hard core? Thomas' new nerf shoots 3 darts a second.

Roxie had a pretty long day playing with everything. I think she has ADHD.

I got travel scrabble! No one but Joan would play with me tho :(

I think Christmas was too exciting for Thomas.

That tree is so dead its going to go up in flames at any minute.

Oh, and Albert got his own doggie life jacket so we don't accidentally drown him with the kayak.

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Kat said...

It's totally bogus that you can't put pictures of certain people up anymore... you're right, though (I've been noting your comments on facebook) that just because you put a picture on a blog or on flickr or some other site does NOT mean someone else can claim it as their own; it may be public, but it is not public domain.


But I like the B&W of Thomas.