Friday, January 9, 2009

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

Observe the subtle way in which at first glance you think you are looking at a picture of Beth being awesome, only to be wowed from behind with the austere ruggedness of Neil's chin.
The purple should have been a small hint as to what was coming... Honestly, isn't that the point of a signature color?


Nicole said...

You are completely unbelievable.

....and I kind of love it.

Since when did you have such an obsession with chins?

Zen Rocker! said...

rhythmicly pounds head against desk

Laura said...

Hey, you have a desk, things must be good.

Nicole said...

I still want to know why you like chins. Seriously. (Not that I disagree with your assessment of Neil's chin =P).

Laura said...

they are just nice. good indication of character. maybe its because mine is epically large and witch-like.