Sunday, March 8, 2009


I would like very much to have a techno dance party. Possibly in a cave. I would also like very much for all of you to join me.

Download Don't Stop by innerpartysystem and proceed with your dancing!

Yes, I know that this picture has nothing to do with a techno dance party, but since its from the time before my blog, I'm using it in lieu of the pictures I haven't taken this week.


Nicole said...

Hey, when you take black and white photos do you take them in sepia or something as a function on your camera or change them to black and white in Photoshop or something?

Laura said...

Nope, I have to take them on a black and white preset I put on my camera because I have no softwear to change them over. Usually it means that I take every picture twice, one in each, so I can decide later. This one is still in color though.