Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Apparently I don't have the actual plague. I do have bronchitis and sinusitis (which I'm pretty sure translates to lots-of-snot-in-many-places-itus). So I haven't let the house (or my room, or my bed) to take pictures of anything.

Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas, Berlin, German 2005
(I had no idea it had only been open for a month or so when we were there, did you Kat?)


Kat said...

I knew it was new, but didn't know it was THAT new. Cool!

Plus JM was reading a book from the UK, and at the beginning, it was dedicated to those he knew on July 5, 2005... and we had a whole big talk about what happened on that day, and do you remember the London bombings that happened when we were in Leipzig? I think that was it... I thought that that was a cool connection to the time we lived in Germany!

Laura said...

Yeah that was it, because it was the day after Elliot's gig.

Thomas said...

i have a cold too (or something with my sini, is that the plural of sinuses?) Hopefully it doesn't turn into bronchitis though.

Do you put your photos on Flickr? If so what is your name? mine is journeythewild