Thursday, May 14, 2009


So I lack the ability to read in depth the way everyone else seems too, and I'm pretty sure I just get the meaning I want out of things, not their intended... whatever.

But I read this the other day, and while it's very interesting in and of itself, one part in particular struck me as being very in tune with my way of thinking.

"For 30 years, Denmark has topped international happiness surveys. But Danes are hardly a sanguine bunch. Ask an American how it’s going, and you will usually hear “Really good.” Ask a Dane, and you will hear “Det kunne være værre (It could be worse).” “Danes have consistently low (and indubitably realistic) expectations for the year to come,” a team of Danish scholars concluded. “Year after year they are pleasantly surprised to find that not everything is getting more rotten in the state of Denmark.”"

If you expect only the worst, its only going to get better.

Plus, it mentions my grandma.
(ok well not really her, but still..)

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