Sunday, May 17, 2009


So, I was walking through the grocery the other night, late late at night. I love to grocery shop after 11 when no one is around. I can wander my way around slowly, sing along with Michael Buble, and eyeball the Keebler display of Spock and Kirk.

So as I wander along I realize that I have become that crazy lady shopping in her pajamas in the middle of the night, singing with the soft rock and getting all worked up trying to decide if she would rather marry Kirk or Spock (Spock!), while squeezing the tube of sausage just because it's fun. I am the crazy lady that scared me in college.

But then, while I'm standing at dead stop pondering this in the middle of the dairy section, a lady walked by tap dancing with only her right foot. Left step, Right ba-dum-shuffle-click, left step, right ba-dum-shuffle-click. This was in flip-flops, mind you. And only the right foot.

So I feel somewhat better knowing I am not in fact the craziest lady

in Kroger.

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