Sunday, June 28, 2009

Doggy Racism

I didn't think they would do it, but they did. They took away my pretty sweet Zuri and got a new dog.
No, that's not true. They went out and got a new dog before they even got rid of Zuri. So she had to watch them play with it while knowing that they didn't love her anymore. You may say that dogs don't have feelings, but that's just because you didn't see the look on her poor puppy face. Apparently it's an offensive face, since my mom hates dogs with brown noses. Doggy racism.

They replaced her with this evil little thing. Look, look at how it attacks me.
Poor Zuri is going to live in a cage till she dies, because no one else sees how pretty she is.


Kat said...

Dude that's awful! I thought that dog was totally cool looking and one of the prettiest dogs I've seen in a long time!

Laura said...

What makes me so mad was that my mom said no in the first place, and then my sister went and got it anyway. And she knew that it was an abused pitbull. So how is it shocking that the dog was afraid of everything and growled at my mother? It's to be expected. Thats what you get when you adopt an older dog. Then to just give up and send it back because it's too much effort. It's rediculous.