Monday, June 1, 2009

Laura's First Ever Wine Review

Look. I hate wine. I really do. I think most of it is gross, and only some of it is palatable. Seriously. Ew.

My family drinks a lot of wine (and not in the 'classy' sense of the word.... in the 'if it only costs 5$ then you can afford 4 more bottles than you would normally get' sense or the word). So it's no surprise that we ran out at dinner on Saturday, and being the conscientious and giving offspring that I am, I popped across the street to get more (because yes, the Kroger was next door.)

I buy wine because it looks cool. Period. If it ain't awesomely packaged, it ain't coming home with me. And this wine.... This wine matched my dress perfectly. Cased closed, it came back with me. I can accessorize with the best of them!

But behold! Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling! Now, I can't exactly vouch that it has "subtle hints of stone fruits and spice on the nose," or that it is "an enticing fruit bomb with a chew, layered texture." Seriously who says shit like that? Idiots. But it was yummy AND pretty AND cheap enough to find at the Heath Kroger (Don't know what that entails? Look up Heath, Ohio, then you'll understand).

I give it Laura's very first 4 out of 5:
A 5 out of 5 for awesome label,
and a 3 out of 5 for tastiness!


Diane said...

My exact feeling about that wine as well. The label sells it and it goes well with food, all that counts.

Laura said...

This was really good. Sweet enough for me to stand, but not so much that it tasted like soda.

I'm so glad your back and I know that someone is reading my blog again!

Kat said...

Hey I read your blog too! Desk jobs man... but I don't comment often because I want to think of something clever, and I'm not very good at it, especially while surrounded by cultural landscape reports and general management plans, and you deserve nothing less than my cleverest! :-)

Laura said...

No, no, you're confused... everyone must leave comments all the time so I feel important. Clever things just go over my head anyway.

Andrea said...

I also imbibed in the consumption of this sweet god-like nectar. Yum.

Also, it matched your dress perfectly.