Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reason #58 I'm glad I still have my job:

Today at my last story time I was walking around making sure everyone was doing OK on their crafts. (We made little houses out of recycled milk cartons. Yeah, it was pimp.)

When I asked my favorite kid if he needed help (you remember, the one who likes to pretend he's the devil) he replied "Do you want to see my eye roll?" and then promptly demonstrated the most annoyed and exasperated look I have ever seen on a 5 year old.

"That's a great eye roll, you're going to drive your parents crazy," I told him, "but how is your house coming along, do you want some of this construction paper to make a garden?"

"No, but look at these anarchy signs someone tagged on the side of my house in red spray paint," he said in response.