Thursday, October 1, 2009

Banned Books Week Day 4

Here's to all those awesome friends who are getting into the censorship debate and the ideals of banned books week!

Here's some awesomeness from awesome himself, Mr. Jonathan Elder:

And Ms. Nicole Bonomini is rocking the support movement with her link to

(Check out what is happening with Hopkins and a recent banning)

Or if you're starting to think that we are all crackpots, I guess you aren't alone. Here's an article from the Wall Street Journal in support of the suggestions that lead to challenging books.

And finally, a scare that is a little closer to home.


Nicole Bonomini said...

Laura have you read a lot of Ellen Hopkins? I've only gotten around to Crank so far, but I went to a reading of hers last night and she is just so cool. What she does for BBW + messed up teens + encouraging poetry in YA = awesome.

Laura said...

I had some teens in who were so confuse about her books.... I had to explain that its poetry. They didn't get it. But they weren't against it which was awesome

Diane said...

I always had The Perks of Being a Wallflower in my high school library and it meant a lot to many of my students. I wouldn't require it, but it was important to many of them. And I really enjoyed the Bookseller of Kabul and would recommend it to anyone!

Laura said...

I read Perks a few years ago and wasn't that excited. I read it again last year and it was totally different I need to read the Bookseller of Kabul now too.