Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Year in Photos Review

I'm so glad 2009 is over. Honestly, I can't remember most of it. Probably not a good sign at my age. When I looked back through the year for pictures I didn't even have any for some months. I fudged a little because of that, but for the most part, this was my year.


We had some excellent snows in January, which let me finally play with the new camera I had gotten for my birthday/Christmas the year before.
View from my mother's home over her driveway.


I apparently didn't take a single picture in February. I don't really remember February. This is from the last day of January, which I think counts.
My horse is 26 years old! She's still kicking it at the home farm.


Thank god for spring, it woke me up, and I started enjoying my local little life a lot more. Beth and I took several scenic hikes at The Cincinnati Nature Center.
Abner Hollow Pioneer Cabin

Spring is my favorite and my best time of year. (Well not really my favorite.) I bought these flower for myself for Easter because the real flowers weren't growing fast enough.
Blue Iris from Sam's Club

I got to go to OU to visit friends, it was great to see them, but shortly there after I must have done something to piss them all off because I never really heard from anyone the rest of the year after that.
Stairwell, Alden Library, Ohio University, Athens Campus

I wish I had had the time to be outside in July.
Lilies by the pool.


The Zuri Fiasco. It makes me so mad. I hope someone else thought she was as cute as I did and gave her a better home.

Poor Ziri

My mom woke up in the middle of the night because she heard this baby crying on the deck. We didn't get much sleep in August due to the feeding Zeke every 3 hours. 
Zeke, age 3 days

Beth and I went to Red River Gorge for her birthday. It was my first time and I was very impressed.
She doesn't know but I'm going to push her off that cliff in 3 seconds.

I moved to an apartment in Mt. Washington, which put me much closer to the city and it's cool outlaying areas.
Lunken Airfield


It was strange to only be working one job over the Christmas season,and probably a mistake, but it did give me some time to hang out with friends.
Front row seats at a Cincinnait Cyclones game.

I got to do a little bit more exploring around my neighborhood before Christmas got too busy and I started looking for that second job.
Mt. Washington Cemetery, aka my backyard.


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