Thursday, January 7, 2010

My little hometown on the edge of the big one.

This is where the Hummer almost ran me over. The speed limit is 20 on a good day, not 65 on a bad.





They should stop wasting money on things like benches and use it on animal control. Damn cats.

Closed till March... What a lame bakery.

They try so hard to make it like Mariemont or Clifton, but this is the only stretch of cute.

No, they aren't hiring, I went in and asked.

Clearly I need to work on getting that SUV.

My quiet little street. Not a ghetto at all.


Thomas said...

looks like your winter photo expedition turned out a lot better than mine.

Laura said...

I just went around the block on my way to the post office. you went out when it was too dark.