Friday, January 29, 2010

Fed-Up Friday: This is why no one likes anthropologists.

This is why people look at me like I'm crazy when I say I majored in Anthropology. 

Anthropologists in Italy are on a quest to discover if the great Italian painter Caravaggio was A. murdered on his way to see the pope; B. died of malaria on some random beach. Because it's really important to EVERYONE. Oh, but first they have to sort through a Tuscan crypt full with hundreds of remains, because they MIGHT contain Caravaggio.

While I can understand our need to solve mysteries. It's human nature. 

But the amount of money that is going into sorting through an entire crypt full of bones and then DNA testing ALL of them to compare with the 'male decedents of Caravaggio's brother,' just to figure out how he died?

Feed some African babies. Donate to cancer research. Do ANYTHING that will impact or better humanity.  Jack-asses.

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