Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Salisbury Steak Project

It all started with an interesting blog link: Fed Up: A School Lunch Project.
Interesting, I thought to myself. Finally someone of sound mind is taking a look at the flaws in today's school lunches. (I mean, let's not kid ourselves, they try awfully hard, but things still aren't too great in that department.)

And then I actually read what this lady is saying about lunches. What a condescending hypocrite! On the one hand she's spouting her noble drivel about  how this is the only mean some kids get all day, and how poor the nutritional value is... blah blah blah. She's probably correct, it is a massive problem. But then instead of sticking to it and eating what these kids eat, she claims she just can't stomach the meals, but that's OK, it isn't affecting her health since she eats plenty of "good, organic" food at home. She says things like this:

"I survived today's meal just fine. I was offered the peanut butter and jelly sandwich or the cheese sandwich. I couldn't stomach the pb&j this time, but next time I'm offered it, I'll force myself to eat it."
Lady, it's peanut butter and jelly. Get over yourself.

Here is an entire entry, found at this link- Check out the picture, I think it looks not only delicious but fairly balanced.

"Today's menu: Pepperoni pizza, milk, baby carrots, multi-grain apple mini-crisps, fruit cup. Our first repeat meal! I strongly dislike the pizza so for me this one was rough. I got excited by the 'mini-crisps' because I thought they might be dehydrated apple slices, but unfortunately they were bland, rice cake-like disks.
I liked the baby carrots, but i asked one of my students if he ate them and he told me, 'No.' The fruit cup was partially frozen AGAIN. I did attempt to eat it, but I didn't even eat half of it. 
NOTE: The second picture is a decent shot of the mini rice cakes. Also you can see the pizza in the background. It's got a glassy film on top, which is called cheese. The 'cheese' has separated into two layers, the 'saran*wrap' layer and the under layer. Yum."

So when I came to day ten and saw this:

"Today's menu: 'Salisbury' steak, bread, corn, milk, pineapple chunks. Not the best, but I ate the meant. It's called hunger. The bread was soft and fresh. The corn was what I expected... And the pineapple chunks were frozen and I couldn't force them down."

Ooo, I lost it. Salisbury steak used to be my favorite school lunch! And so I began...

The Salisbury Steak Project!!!!
(more info coming soon!)


Thomas said...

yeah that lady is pretty over the top. School lunches may not be the best but they aren't that bad. There are some cool school lunch programs like in big cities (NYC) comes to mind where they are experimenting with salad bars and stuff. The kids apparently love it. There was a whole article on it, let me find it. brb.

back and I found it!


worth a watch

Laura said...

I love TED