Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shades of Gray- Jasper Fford

I was sooooo excited that Jasper FForde wrote a new book. Not to say that I disliked his old books; I rather loved most of them. But I was getting pretty burnt out on the whole literary-pun-thingy.

So hooray, a new book, new world, new awesome.

I made it to page 7.

During those seven pages I managed to discern that the book is:
A. About a male (boy? man? Couldn't tell)
B. He lives in a world where only certain people can see certain colors.
C. This innate ability determines their social hierarchy AND last names.
D.Some colors can be faked.
E. There is only one rabbit left alive, and possibly something to do with The Wizard of Oz....

Apparently I've managed to do something that has turned my brain to sludge, leaving me unable to adapt to strange new books. I was so NOT drawn in by anything going on in the first chapter of Shades of Grey. Usually odd slang and strange customs make me want to delve deeper into books (I did major in Anthropology... I think... Didn't I?). But this was just... painful for my head.

I'm sorry, I have failed. My first grown-up book of the year is an EPIC fail

Since there was such a long hold list waiting for the title, it didn't seem right to keep it, moldering on my shelve (translate: in a pile of dirty towels under my bed) while other waited patiently. So I've shipped it on.

Goodbye chance at reviewing adult materials.


Deno said...

I've never been able to make it through a few pages of a clockwork orange, and I don't think my brain is mush.

Laura said...

That was actually the scale I was judging my mush by. I managed that with only a few problems (I made myself a comprehensive thesaurus.) This wasn't just odd slang, it was a whole new set of cultural ideals and terms with no explanation.

M said...

I found The Eyre Affair painful. I'll be happy to take your word and steer clear of this one.