Saturday, January 16, 2010

You wanted to know why kids today are stupid?

Admittedly the ones who DO read are at an advantage, but this is the sort of drivel that teen literature has devolved into. And remember, this is what the smart kids are reading! The rest of them aren't reading at all, they're watching Jersey Shore.

Tempted- by PC and Kristin Cast
Chapter 12:

"After Aphrodite's gloomy but probably accurate prediction I didn't think I'd be able to sleep, but exhaustion caught up with me. I closed my eyes and then, for a little while there was blissful nothingness. Sadly, bliss didn't ever seem to last very long in my life.

In my dream the island was so blue and beautiful it dazzled me. I was standing on... I looked around... the roof of a castle! One of those really old-looking castles, made of big blocks of rough stone. The roof was massively cool. Framing it were those stone-sticking-up-things that looked like a giant's teeth."

Yes, a REALLY OLD-LOOKING castle, with STONE-STICKING-UP-THINGS. At least 'that looked like a giant's teeth is an acceptable simile. Would it hurt to throw a couple of SAT words in there. Ancient, archaic,  primevel, time-worn... I'm fairly certain teens should know these words... and those stone sticking up things? Yeah, they're just crenelated walls. Did I know that off the top of my head? No, I had to look it up. It took exactly 47 seconds and one copy of DK Eyewitness Castles.

All books found at the New Richmond Branch Library.


Thomas said...

haha, i feel like we are turning into the society from Idiocracy

Anonymous said...

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Nicole Bonomini said...

The House of Night series is soo depressing, isn't it? Yet I keep reading them. It is sad. I think our teen drivel was still better (Sweet Valley High, anyone?).

Laura said...

At least Tempted ended with a bang! I get so frustrated that the plot covers a day or two at the top. I like the STORY in the books, but I honestly feel that they go too far out of their way to make it readable by today's teens. I want to smack them and say 'You don't have to dumb it down, they'll read it anyway, duhhh, it's about vampires!'

Nicole Bonomini said...

So true.