Friday, February 5, 2010

Fed Up Friday: I don't even know any criminals!

This morning, as usual, I was in a huge rush running out the door for work. I wouldn't even have seen the folded paper on the floor of the landing if I hadn't stopped to put on my boots. Since there is always a trail of random things coming out of my door, I wasn't surprised. Grabbed it, stuck it in my bin of stuff for the day.

Luckily, I stopped in the basement to put my rent check (that has been taped to my door all week) into the lock box. Crap. Can't find the check, still have that paper. Open it up.

State of Ohio
Hamilton County 
Subpoena for Witness

Excuse me!?

Crap, still late for work, no time to look at the details... There are no details! Just my address written in by hand!!! Freaking out of course, what the hell could I have witnessed?

You were worried right? On my behalf? Of course you were.
Well, it's ok. Don't be upset.

Apparently being a clerk of courts means you are in no way responsible for making sure the people you are demanding report to court live anywhere close to where you sent their subpoenas. Jack asses.

So now I have to prove that I am not someone who knows anything about armed robbery. To a prosecutor who wont call me back.

Yup, fed-up Friday.

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