Friday, February 26, 2010

Five Year Itch

The last time I went on a vacation for fun was in the summer of 2005, in a last ditch attempt to make foreign travel worthwhile. And by vacation I mean leaving the tri-state area and/or staying somewhere that isn't one of my homes. I know most of you don't seem to think that weekend trips don't count but they realllllly do. A lot.

My mom seems to think that all of my studying abroad was 'vacation' and while she does have a point, it was scenic and awesome, there is also a lot of stress involved when trying to learn while in foreign areas. It doesn't leave one feeling refreshed and renewed as much as hurried and tense.

I'm not by nature a good traveler. Ask anyone who's been forced to try and make travel plans with me. It does not go well. I get really stressed out in places that are new to me. Poor Kat had to haul my ass out of Croatia in a state of almost panic that translates itself as silent staring and inability to decide anything. And let's not even go into the Brazil debockle. Bad news.

But I love it. I love seeing new places, tasting new foods, learning new things. I love airplane food. I just get a little worked up when I don't know where I'm sleeping that night, or where to find a bathroom. The fart that even that uncalled for panic stress is starting to look pretty awesome means maybe it's time for me to get out of town... I image it (the stress that is) as similar to the pleasant stress one feels before going down a roller coaster, of stabbing a hooker on a side street; you know things you do purely for the thrill and nothing else.  

I was handed a vacation. Honestly, I was prepared to watch all of my friends once again fly off to sunny beaches without me (let's face it, I just bought ramen with the change in the bottom of my purse ($0.18 for roasted chicken!), so it's not surprising I was expecting to stay home). But instead, I get to go on a trip too! And not just any trip, but a relatively stress free one! It's an island; I can't get lost, I know how to ask for the bathroom, and it'll be easy to figure out where I'm sleeping because someone has already done it for me!

I leave in exactly one month (or I did when I started writing this) and I'll be honest with you, I've already started packing. 

This is the bestesty best thing every. Ever. 

I'm ready to fly.

If you're interesting in helping with this adventure, I need a ride to the airport at 5 AM on Wed, March 24. I also need to make some spending money so I can complete my goals of hosting an awesome co-ed bachelor/ette party, so I'm hiring myself out to do odd jobs.

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Kat said...

Man, my bags are half-packed, too! I keep looking at stuff I want to pack, setting them all out, packing them, feeling sheepish and unpacking them... sigh. I need some tropic. Like now.