Friday, February 5, 2010


Need by Carrie Jones.

Yet another book that has been boosted into popularity by the gaping hole left by Twilight and it's incessant rip-offs.

Zara White is dead inside. Every since her father, her step-father really, died she has been stuck in the same loop of terrible despair; none of the things she used to love, running, Amnesty International, learning new phobias can help. Trying to get her to react to anything, Zara's mother sends her to live with her grandmother Betty in Maine (not a single Betty White joke in the whole book!) Zara doesn't know what's worse; the snow, the cold or being sent away. 

A new car and a new school start to perk Zara up, as does the 'hunky' yet mysterious Nick who keeps showing up to help her. But things quickly go from new-school-stressful to down right horrible when Zara notices a dark stranger following her from Charleston to Maine and all around town. A stranger that leaves no footprints and a trail of gold dust behind. At the same time young boys are disappearing one by one from the area. With the help of her quirky new friends and hot new crush, Zara is determined to figure what strange and terrible things are happening in her new small town. Never in a million years would Zara have predicted that their research would lead to the supernatural. Faced with the existence of pixies, weres and other things she's never believed in before, Zara is determined to stop the abductions at all costs.

It was so bad. I supposed if I didn't spend my time being forced to read books like this I could have appreciated it for... something. Instead all I got out of this was that a Twilight fan (one who was angry that Bella didn't end up with Jacob) decided to write their own book. A tall, fast, auburn beauty of a boy; an awkward but independent young girl with flowing dark hair, sent to live in a cold, lonely place; shape-shifters that change on command; a horde of bloodsucking vam... I mean pixies that leave lots of sparkles... Some very strange jokes about Forks... I mean forks, the utensils...You see my point...

At least Twilight had the decency to let the main girl come to terms with every other characters super powers gradually. In Need it went like this: Hey, look there's a strange man following me. Hey other people see him too. My new friend needs to do some research after lunch. After school he tells me I'm being chased by a Pixie King who wants to kiss me and steal my soul. I believe him even though we just met today. Lets go kill some stuff!

The Need website has this advice to remember when dealing with Pixies:

Think pixies are like Tinkerbell? You think wrong.
  1. Pixies do not hang out with Peter Pan.
  2. Pixies do not sleep in glass jars.
  3. Similarly, they do not carry magic wands.
  4. They hate iron and steel.
  5. They will call your name and try to get you lost in the woods.
  6. They are great fighters, using claws and teeth.
  7. They can look like humans. They are not human.
  8. Some may go to your school or work with you. We have no idea.
  9. They have needs.
  10. Never let one kiss you. Ever.

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