Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Library Lover's Month

February was Library Lover's Month.

To celebrate I did... nothing!
But A Softer World did. 

Ok fine, I'll post it here, but now you can't read the alt text.

Oh  Joey if only you knew I was waiting in my library for you!

In addition to that awseomeaucity, I also got the comments from our "I love my library because:" contest.
These are all from some of my favorite kids, who all rock. It made me so very, very awesome happy!

"I has good book."
"I would not be as smart without my library! And we would not be able to read!"
"It haves books and people that I like."
"Mother is happy be being and has good, kind people and good, funny book."
"I can express myself artictik and I can show off how I love books."
"Too slos of book. I love it a lot. Sow moth. Baby."

*I am not making fun of these kids, they are all super cute and writing at a very young age! Yay them!

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