Thursday, March 4, 2010

Seth Grahame-Smith: Say What You Will, I Still Think He's a Genius.

Book trailers have long been an unfortunate part of our lives. And by our I mean anyone who has been forced to spend any amount of time in the electronics area of Target. Most of you have never had to endure a horrible book trailer. Sometimes you'll see one on TV, if it's late at night and the station desperately needs some ad revenue. Otherwise, you have probably escaped.

Here is an example of a typical book trailer. A fairly enjoyable book. Scratch that, a downright adorable little book has been reduced to pure rubbish. Anyone who sees this will run screaming for the hills. After stabbing themselves in the ears. I'm sorry Flavia, you've been screwed by your publishers.

Don't feel obligated to watch more than 15 seconds of that garbage. I won't hold it against you. But please judge this book by its cover instead of its trailer. The cover will not lead you astray. Oh, and read my review of it!

 So, you can imagine my surprise and pleasure when I see the book trailers of one Seth Grahame-Smith. Say what you will about his abuse of classic literature and beloved historical figures; the man knows how to get his books read. Today, word of mouth is a sub-par means of communicating the worth of written materials. If they are going to complete in this world of instant information, they need help. Seth Grahame-Smith knows where to get it.

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Thomas said...

haha you beat me to it. I just emailed you about Abe Lincoln Vampire hunter