Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Christina Hendricks named Esquire's sexiest woman alive...

Normally I don't pay attention to those sort of headlines, as the winners of such polls tend to be vapid, horrid little people who desperately need a brownie and some underwear.

But when I saw that Christina Hendricks had won this years Esquire Sexiest Woman Alive, I thought, "My God, someone out there has finally found their brains!"

Because Christina Hendricks, while not MY #1 Sexiest Woman Alive (Shakira will always win. Always.), is certainly up there.

Now, if you're reading my blog, you've watched Firefly. I mean, look at us, we are the Firefly type of people. So clearly you remember Saffron and her bodacious evil ways. She oooooozes sex appeal. My goal in life, from hence forth, is to be her when I grow up. True story.

Megan Fox, eat your heart out, this year someone deserving won. Perhaps you could get a tattoo of Christina Hendricks on your other arm? Just so you can remember what it is you're loosing to?


Kat said...

AND she was all hot in Life. Hot and sweet. I think I'm in love. JM won't mind.

Ryan said...

I was wondering why Christina Hendricks sounded familiar to me! It all makes sense now...however, I still put Kaylee much higher on my list.