Thursday, April 29, 2010

Laura's 2010 Kentucky Derby Rundown

While I'm very depressed that I'll be working during this year's 136th Kentucky Derby (and there is no TV here at the library), I still have every intention of wearing a cute dress and ridiculously large hat.You should too. Once you have your hat, you need to be prepared to pick a winner.

So lets break down the best way for you to pick a winner. I mean, sure, you could look up the odds... Or you could do it like the rest of us and pick your bets based on 1. Looks, 2. Names or 3. Gender.

My number one reason for picking has always been Looks. Why not go with the pretty horse? For me this usually means the grey one (there is always a token grey one, just like the token black friend on sitcoms).

This years Grey One is:
Paddy O'Prado

Pulling the number 10 spot was great luck, so maybe we have a chance! Currently his odds stand at 22/1, so if you take this bet and it actually pay off, you're looking at some hefty cash!

Now, the number two method for picking a winner will always be Most Awesome Name. When in doubt, you want to be yelling something awesome for the whole 2 minutes of racing.

This years Awesome Name is:
Awesome Act

Go figure, Awesome Act is an awesome name! And he also came in as #2 Prettiest Horse. Running in the number 16 spot, his odds are 10/1, which aren't too shabby.

And finally, if nothing else will help you to decide, there is always loyalty to the underdog. There is always one or two poor fillies who get pooled in with the testosterone laden pool. 

This years Poor Filly: 
Devil May Care

She's also ridiculously pretty (well they all are!). A late addition put forward by her trainer only after the favorite, Eskendereya, was injured, Devil May Care was originally slated to run in the Kentucky Oaks (the baby sister to the Derby). I'm rather excited and hope she kicks ass. Bets currently at 16/1!

Of course, you can always do things the scientific way and pick based on real reasons. Amy is rooting for number 4 spot Super Saver based on his jockey Calvin Borel.

Borel is a two time ESPY winner for best jockey. Last year he won the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, Preakness, Haskell, and Woodward. Yeah... All of them. He's probably a good bet in and of himself.
He rode Mine that Bird to win at the '09 Derby, and then beat Bird in the '09 Preakness on a different horse (Rachel Alexandra)! Super Saver is currently at 14/1. Also... He's kinda pretty! Not Borel... although he has his own type of charm to say the least!

So there you have it folks! Get get out your bourbon and mint, find yourself a big hat, and enjoy the time honored tradition of hoping no one dies on Saturday!


Kat said...

Man, I'm so bummed.. it's waaaaay too cold out here to wear a cute dress and a big hat. I'm sad. :-(

On the other hand, this is the best explanation of how we should gamble our horse-racing funds I have ever read. Well done.

Diane said...

Thanks for the betting tips. I'm pretty sure the filly gets my money. I like last minute substitutions. Good reason to bet.

Amy said...

That about sums it up! Here's hoping all the horses finish the race safely.