Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yahoo Trending Now

I have a yahoo email that I use on a fairly regular basis... It was free.

When you log into their mail page, it gives you all sorts of extra little news things.

My favorite is the 'Trending Now'- The top ten things people are looking for on Yahoo at that point in time. You know what was trending now when I started this post (which is was supposed to be about how my trivia team forgot to tell Beth and I that we made the tournament, and now we can't go... bitches)? I'll tell you whats trending right now.... AWESOME is trending now!

Trending Now

Lets recap:
1. Yeti are awesome.
2. Lost freakin' rocks.
3. I released the Kraken on your mom last night.
4. The FCC are douches. Way to loose that case FCC.
5. Last time I checked Caster was a dude's name, so why is everyone confused?
6. Lollapalooza will always rock. Probably. Hippies... Awesome
7. Ok, Nicollette Sheridan is skeezy, skip number seven. (Totally ruining my trending now trend)
8. What a sacrifice.. marry the ugly prince, just because he'll be king? You betcha!
10. Yes. Nukes. Apocalypse.

The internet is AWESOME right NOW!


Now look whats trending!


Kat said...

1) Didgeridoo = best instrument. ever.

2) There is a pizza here in town that is called Chicken Itza. I bet that totally throws a kink in all archaeologists' plans to remind people that Chichen Itza does not equal Chicken Pizza.

The end.

Ryan said...

sadly, the trending is not usually awesome enough to contain both Yeti and Kraken.