Friday, May 14, 2010

Bloggers without Makeup

If you didn't see, there has been a movement around the internet for Bloggers Without Makeup day today.

I'm all about it! Although I have to admit that I wear makeup once a month... maybe. I disagree with most of the reasons makeup is worn, even if I fall prey to them as much as the next girl. If I want to look classy, or nice, or put together... then I'll dig around under the sink till I find some mascara.

But I think I look prettier without make up. Makeup takes away my freckles. It makes my eyes red and itchy. I break out every time I wear it. It makes me look funny.

Now, don't go thinking I'm all enlightened, really I'm lazy, you know that. But, I am totally impressed with the bloggers around the world who are following Mummy Mayhem's plan. So, my advice as to what people (read: women, including me) should be doing is wearing more SPF and less expensive goops. Go, be free, enjoy those freckles.

I went to look for a picture and realized, that while I don't wear makeup, I am guilty of putting up a public face that hides part of my real face. Almost all of my pictures are sideways, upside down, missing eyeballs, noses or mouths, or any combination of the above. And that's just as bad as hiding behind make up. It's totally cheating.

So, here you go! No makeup, no editing, no shower! Welcome to me.

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