Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Since I refuse to go laugh at people alone..

No one will go sit at the theater and laugh at the people going in and out of Twilight: Eclipse with me.... I will instead spend my time sharing with you a less than compelling piece of evidence in the Team Pasty v Team Bad-Computer-Animation debate. A friend sent these to me as proof of the merits of both actors... or rather, the other skills they posses. I was actually very impressed by both, thus the showing to you!

Example 1- Taylor Lautner, all 4'6", 75 lbs of him, winning some kung fu thingy

Example 2- Rob Pattison's song from the Twilight soundtrack... Yeah.. I know, you try searching that in YouTube and see what you end up with... Don't judge, just scroll down and look at Chuck and his squirrel while you listen...

The end. I will now go drink the rest of my amaretto and read A Wrinkle in Time.

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