Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Up-Cycle Pen Pal Project

I want to make things. I crave making things.
I cannot afford to make things anymore. : (
So, I had this Idea. Yes, Idea with a capital I.

Every few months, I will send out a supply list. If you send me the things on it, I will make you your very own surprise. And everything on the list is something you already have around the house! You send me junk, I'll send you something awesome.

You guys in?
Our first project requires tee-shirts. Actually it's two projects, you can choose A, or B.

For Project A: Please send me a colored tee-shirt, one that fits well because it's about to become your favorite ever. It doesn't have to be new, just something that you have laying around that you think you could maybe part with in exchange for something awesome. It has to be colored. It has to fit.
Examples... look how nice they fit.

For Project B: Please send me a tee-shirt with a printed design that you don't wear anymore. Maybe it was the graphic tee from your favorite band that got that horrible hole in the side... or the one from college that has the really bad pit stains... you know you have them. you know you love them... you know you shouldn't wear them anymore. It has to be printed with some sort of design/logo/picture/thingy.
Examples... awesome, I know.

That's it. Send them to me, and after a small but exciting wait, you'll get a surprise present. Isn't this the best win, win you've ever had?

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Mollie said...

All right lady, I'm all in for this Idea. Expect a package soon :)