Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting my Christmas stuffs together

Most of the presents are going to be missing this year because of buget issues, but there are still a few that I'm mishmoshing together. Nothing like homemade, right?

Some of them I'm not even making but just re... well re-somethinging.

I can't claim to be the most creative person in my family, I fall pretty short. I know, some of you are always looking out for my ego, and will probably protest that. So as part of the Christmas stuff I'm working on, I wanted to show you these paintings my grandmother did of my brother and I and my sister that I finally got digitalized for my dad.

How can I compare to talent like this?

 Yes, we were that blond.

No, the eyes aren't messed up, she was a bug eyed little thing.


Lulu said...

excuse me?

Laura said...

you grew out of it, didn't you? i mean weren't you the one trying to hide the Christmas ornament with your picture on it while saying you were a monster child just this past weekend?