Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Exercise is Hard.

Exercise is harder at night in a somewhat urbanish setting. But I figure if we go in groups and carry a big stick what can the poor mentally unstable residents of Mt. Washington really do to us? The wind, that's another matter all together. Then again, 22 isn't so bad.

 Mt. Washington really consists of  only one street. Two blocks of one street.

Most of it is taken up by the Kroger... oooo Kroger!

The rest is as follows: Tattoo parlor

Mr Lock and it's strip mall of bars, banks, dance studios and pizza joint

 And the water tower and library.

 And of course, no night time trip is complete without light squiggles!


Thomas said...

did I tell you I can see the mt washington tower from Milford and Terrace Park?

Nicole Bonomini said...

hey what happened to the comic book shop on the strip with Mr. Lock? Is it gone?